Plastic Manhole Technology

In an industry as old as gravity sewer and storm water, plastic manhole chambers are a relatively new technology, however you might be surprised to know that plastic manhole chamber products have been in common use within Europe for nearly 30 years. During this time the technology has been constantly developed, refined and improved to meet the needs of customers throughout Europe.

Some of the greatest influences in the technology have come from the introduction of standards; EN-13598-1/2:2009, and ISO 13272:2011 which have provided a standard of quality to ensure that compliant products meet with customer performance expectations.

Other influences have come from continued innovation in materials, design and investment in manufacturing techniques to make more accurate and better performing products.

The plastic manhole industry now has a product that allows networks to be constructed faster with an outcome that will achieve a life well beyond those who commission the works.

The Evolution of Manhole Innovation

The concept of a gravitational sewer or waterway is by no means new, dating back well before the Roman Empire. With the passage of time, the emergence of new materials has allowed for improvements to the system with regard to cost, quality and speed of installation. This has provided an evolution of manhole technologies, each providing advantages over the previous.