Our People

Steve McDonald - Managing Director

Steve McDonald
Managing Director

Steve’s vision for AML is to supply product to the New Zealand market that offers an inherent advantage by design. His background in Product Development Engineering has allowed him to qualify the right solution for the industry and understand the value that it provides. What excites him is to work with good people, to employ fit-for-purpose technology and achieve exceptional results. Expect him to take an active part in your relationship with AML, as first and foremost the needs of the customer are what drive us.

Shelly McDonald – Director

Shelly McDonald

Shelly's background in business administration provides the precision and efficiency that underpins everything that AML does. Not only is she great to work with, but she has a genuine interest in ensuring that all details are covered and no one is left waiting. Expect her to be a valuable part of your AML experience as she assists with any enquiries you may have.