A little about us

Australasia Moulding Limited (AML) is a business focused on the introduction of European quality plastic manhole chambers to the New Zealand market. Not only do we supply innovative product, but we back this product up with first class customer service.

At AML we believe that a quality solution must cover all areas of the job. It is not enough to prevent a manhole chamber from leaking, or to make the installation process inherently safer, we aim to provide quality to all aspects of the product design as well as the necessary support to ensure that the product is employed with the same level of quality.

“Streamlining the manhole installation process by employing purpose engineered product with inherent advantages that improve the performance and longevity of wastewater and storm water systems.”

Only through a phase shift in technology can these benefits be attained, and this is exactly what AML is focused on delivering to the New Zealand market.

We are extremely proud to introduce to New Zealand the ROMOLD range of manhole and maintenance chambers. Designed, manufactured and proven in the demanding German market, ROMOLD's product is an evolution of manhole chamber technology quite unlike what has been available before.

Add to this the proven quality of Saint-Gobain PAM manhole covers. Products developed with function, durability, and safety in the forefront of mind. This caps off a world class solution that brings quality to the job site and a performance that you can trust.

The vision we hold at AML is to see New Zealand stakeholders enjoy the benefits provided from designed-for-purpose manhole chamber products that provide value to the system that they are used in well into the future.