Standards Approvals

All ROMOLD manhole chambers are designed and manufactured in conformance with European standards EN 13598-2:

Plastics piping systems for non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage ― Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U), polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) Part 2: Specifications for manholes and inspection chambers in traffic areas and deep underground installations.

This European Standard specifies the definitions and requirements for buried manholes and inspection chambers installed to a maximum depth of 6 m from ground level to the invert of the main chamber and manufactured from unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U), polypropylene (PP), polypropylene with mineral modifier (PP-MD) or polyethylene (PE). These products are intended for use in pedestrian or vehicular traffic areas and underground installations conforming to the general requirements given in EN 476 and are used outside the building structure .

Austrian Standards EN13598-2