ROMOLD DN625 Maintenance Chamber Product Specifications

The DN625 Maintenance Chamber from ROMOLD is a modular system designed to be easy to install, and to specify!

Key details to determine for specification of the chamber are:

  • Pipe diameter at outlet
  • Pipe entry angle(s)
  • Depth to invert of pipe

With this information a simple process can be followed to specify the product.

Plastic Manhole Maintenance Chamber Injection moulding

Load Distribution Ring

DN625 Plastic Manhole Maintenance Chamber Load Distribution Ring

Load Distribution Ring Part #

The Load Distribution Ring is used to mount the Cover and must always be used for Class D applications.

DN625 Element Seal

Plastic Manhole Maintenance Chamber Element Seal

DN625 Element Seal Part #
ES 63

Between each chamber element is a common Element Seal. The "Triple Safety Seal" is 100% effective at preventing ingress into the chamber, and egress from the chamber. One Element Seal is required for a Maintenance Chamber with one Riser Ring, and one additional Element Seal is required for each subsequent Riser Ring in the assembly.

DN625 Riser Rings

DN625 Plastic Manhole Maintenance Chamber Riser Rings

DN625 Riser Rings Part #
E 63/90.8

Height of Riser Ring Part #
400mm E 63/40.8
600mm E 63/60.8
900mm E 63/90.8

There are 3 Riser Ring elements which ensure that the exact height of the chamber is achieved. Each Riser Ring is height adjustable over a length of 300mm. Riser Rings can be stacked to provide an assembly with a maximum depth to invert of 3m. Drop pipes can be installed through the wall of the Riser Ring up to a size of DN150 max.

Type and number of Riser Rings will depend on the depth of the manhole.

Example Riser Ring part # E 63/90.8
Where the height of Riser Ring is detailed in the table.

DN625 Maintenance Chamber Base

DN625 Plastic Manhole Maintenance Chamber Base

There are a range of Base options to provide flexibility to the project. Each Base element has moulded-in benching, providing optimum hydraulic efficiency, whilst saving time during the installation process. The base has an outlet spigot sized for plain wall rubber ring socket jointed PVC pipes according to AS/NZS 1254 and AS/NZS 1260. Each base is supplied with an Inlet Seal to provide a straight channel base option. Additional Inlet Seals can be assembled to holes drilled in the multi-pipe base ports as required.

The part numbers for the Base element options are provided in the table below:

Base Code # Inlets Pipe Size Height
5 B 63.15/90 BID 5 DN150 900mm
5 B 63.15/120 BID 5 DN150 1200mm
3 BL 63.20.15/75 BID 3 DN150 / DN175 750mm
3 BL 63.30.25/85 BID 3 DN225 / DN300 850mm

Romold DN625 Selection Guide PDF

Assembly & Installation Diagrams PDF